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The KYCbench platform is a complex technical product, and it requires regular and professional support, aimed at solving all technical problems that might arise as promptly as possible exness.

The structure of support is built by a classical three level scheme:

1st line — Consultations and simple technical problem solving, requiring not more than 5 minutes per request. If an issue requires more time, it will be passed onto the next level.

2nd line — More complex tasks that don’t require the involvement of the system’s developers and do not need more than 90 minutes per request. If more time is required, the issue will be escalated to the next level.

3rd line — Support from developers for problems that include serious bugs within the system and require making changes to the system code exness thailand.

Our client management system uses predictive analytics and Big Data and is based on the internal CRM model, which in turn is based on the following four premises:

  1. The use of predictive analytics for the amplification of clients’ profiles.
  2. The use of forecasting analytics to raise the efficiency of distri- bution within the system.
  3. The use of predictive analytics for the creation of marketing campaigns.
  4. The use of predictive analytics to lower customer churn rate and optimize loyalty programs.
KYCbench Technology

KYCbench is a KYC solution used for the verification of data and documents in the real world to ensure enterprises stay compliant with regulatory requirements and provide their user base with the highest standard of security to protect their users personal data. KYCbench employs the Vguard Protocol, to semi automate the process of data collection and verification of data submitted into the system.

The system only allows authorised parties to have access to the information on the platform, in which all events that occur with user’s data being transparently processed exness th. The user themselves has unprecedented access to what happens with their information after they have submitted it onto the platform.

Structurally, KYCbench consists of the following components (subsystems):

Mobile APP

Administration and moderation system



Local blockchain node (coming soon – GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance is pending)

KYCbench’s developers are using the following set of tools:


The KYCB tokens are compatible with the ERC20 standard and are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is optimal for the KYCbench ecosystem, given that it has become the preferable choice in the cryptocurrency industry for securing trading operations with blockchain. ERC20 is the Ethereum tokens standard, and the compatibility between ERC20 and the Ethereum ecosystem allows us to program smart contracts that offer secure and customizable encryption operations that comply with certain requirements of the KYCbench ecosystem, while also allowing easy distribution of tokens between community members of a decentralized system.

Since KYCB tokens are issued on the public Ethereum blockchain, and payments in the project require KYCB tokens to be on a private blockchain:

  • Public and private chains don’t interact.

  • The public Ethereum network is only used for transferring tokens.

  • When transferring KYCB tokens into a wallet, the system collects information about the Ethereum node installed on the server and passes it to the local blockchain. The operation is done through the function of loading tokens into a wallet. Thus, the user has an address for tokens transfer and internal balance. This information is mirrored in the private KYCbench blockchain.

  • When there’s a need to send tokens as payment for services provided, the system calls out a smart contract in Ethereum, and sends the required number of tokens to the external address.


To ensure that questions about the system are answered in a timely manner, and to provide consultation, clients will be able to contact our customer service for inquiries on telegram as well as via email. The KYCbench team believes that feedback from clients/users is crucial. This is what will help the company to constantly improve on its KYC solution and enhance the product feature offering. For this, KYCbench plans to organize a team of specialists, who will answer questions from the community.

Innovative Technology